About VECCA Arts

The world is art, at least from my perspective. I see beauty, I see desire, I see struggle, I see pain, and I see emotion. I want to share with you my perspective of the world and this is why VECCA Arts exists. I want you to discover art in everything you see.

I am Henry Updegraff and I humbly welcome you to my blog, VECCA Arts.

VECCA Arts is an online art gallery for up and coming artists. As one myself, I understand the challenges artists go through before their work can be appreciated, before the world can understand their point of view, and before art galleries can display their work. This is a platform for the artists who have chosen not to conform and are ready to stay true to their craft. I want to feature art that transcends genres, disregards trends, and elicits a new kind of emotion and inspiration, and changes the way people see the world around them. As I said, the world is art, and I want you to see it.

I would like to see artists launch their careers through this platform, and work with me to start a movement that goes global. Through our art, let’s erase global borders and unite the world through our art. This platform is open to any artist from any part of the globe because we want visitors to our gallery to get an opportunity to artistically journey through the world.

Henry Updegraff

Founder VECCA Arts