7 Popular Art Forms Used Globally

Art is a way of expression that is used globally across different cultural contexts. Different artists have different styles they use in their work most of which is influenced by various factors such as how vibrant their art industry is and how much investment has been put in. Since art is more about having an inborn gift than a trained skill, different artists will be gifted in different art forms. As an aspiring artiste, it’s therefore important for you to identify your gift and hone it.

Here are 7 popular art forms that are known globally.

1 The art form of painting

Painting is essentially expressing your artwork through paint as the main medium. The artiste develops their work by applying, smearing or splashing different colored paints, pigments, or other substance on a solid surface to produce a work of art. This is one of the oldest forms of art.

2 The art form of printing

Printing as an art form basically involves creating a two dimensional impression on a surface. The artist first develops what is referred to as a printing plate which is a representation of his/her artwork. The printing plate is then used to transfer the artwork onto different surfaces depending on the artist’s preference.

3 The art form of drawing

Drawing as an art form is whereby an artiste uses different instruments at his/her disposal such as pencils, pens, or crayons to sketch out a two-dimensional visual image on a surface. Just like painting, this is among the oldest art forms and it has its roots in prehistoric times.

4 The art form of photography

Photography basically involves creating an image or images using a camera. In as much as cameras have been around for quite some time, it’s a relatively new form of art because in the past, photography was not really considered to be art but rather a way to document events.

5 Craft as a form of art

Craft is basically the ability to make things by hand. Over the years, there have been artists who have been able to master the art of crafting unique pottery, woodwork, masonry among others. The items they produce are not only functional but aesthetically pleasing.

6 The art form of sculpting

Sculpting is basically the ability to carve out visual images using material such as clay, stone, ceramics and wood among many others depending on an artist’s preferences. This is a very old art form that is believed to be prehistoric.

7 Performance art

Performance art is essentially an art form where an artist combines visual art with dramatic performance. The artist or artist will creatively package and present their art through actions performed on a stage in front of an audience.

There are many other art forms today, with artists even delving into digital art forms which are growing in popularity globally. As an artist, the idea is to pick the art form where you’re gifted at and carve out your own niche through adding your personality and your own experiences to your work.

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