Share your Experiences

VECCA Arts is open to all up and coming artists from around the world. Therefore, beyond your art, it’s my desire that visitors to this platform get to see more than just your art. I would like them to know you, learn about what motivates you and inspires your art, and I want your audience to get to hear your journey. This section therefore provides an opportunity for you to share your experiences and connect with your audience. Let them get to hear the story behind the art and behind the artist.

All globally renowned artists, the likes of Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh, Michelangelo and Pablo Picasso, among a host of many others were able to curve out an identity that transcended borders generation after generation because they were able to connect with their audiences not only through their art but also through the stories behind the art. This is an opportunity for you to learn from the best and follow in their footsteps

For an opportunity to share your art as well as your experiences, please send me an email at info@veccaarts.org with your story and I will be glad to share it on VECCA Arts.

If you are in New York, you can pay me a visit at:

2010 Angus Road, New York, NY 10004

Or give me call: 212-440-1905

Let’s tell our stories through our art.